The Next Texas License Plate


According to KPRC 2 in Houston, Texans have weighted in on their choice for a new license plate design, and I’m pleased to say the one I liked was also apparently the popular favorite.  It is a beautiful design, though clearly, word of my preferences must have leaked, somehow…

More than 1 million votes were cast in the weeklong online poll by the Texas Department of Transportation to pick a new state license plate.

Texans had five plates to choose from, including the current design.

But the overwhelming winner was the Lone Star plate, which received more than 450,000 votes. It featured a white Lone Star in the top, left-hand corner, wide brushes of red and blue punctuating the Texas sky on the top half of the plate along with a low-lying mountain range on the bottom.

The vote isn’t binding; it’s the Texas Transportation Commission has the authority to change the plates.  But I feel confident they will make the right choice once they hear I’m in favor of it.

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