Windows Live Writer

If you haven’t checked out Windows Live Writer, you should.

WLW, like wBloggar and other blog-writing gadgets, allows you to post to your blog using a friendly user interface.  WLW also makes it easy to interact with multiple blogs simultaneously, as well as providing an easy facility for including photos, videos, tags, etc..

It works great, comes with predefined connectors for most every blog platform, and its free.

One response to “Windows Live Writer

  1. I certainly second your endorsement of Windows Live Writer, which I’ve used off-and-on since it was originally in beta. I particularly enjoy its ability to download and accurately mimic the formatting of the target site while you’re editing the post.
    (In fact, I use both WLW and Blogjet, another blogging client, depending on my mood–the latter primarily for shorter posts and those that are less formatting dependent, since Blogjet launches a bit faster than does WLW.)