Rant About Superstition

I'm staying in a very new hotel in New York City, which opened about a month ago. Brand new construction. Very nice. And no 13th floor. Apparently, New Yorkers are still superstitious. They still believe that a 13th floor is bad luck. I don't know whether to be angry at such medieval thinking, or simply laugh at these New York idiots.

What makes me even more incredulous, is that they are clearly not actually scared of the "thirteeness" of the floor. It's still the 13th floor, even if you call it the "14th" floor. If the 13th floor is unlucky, you should build it and leave it unoccupied, empty. That's clearly the safest course of action. What they're really saying is that they're afraid of the numeral 13. Those two digits, in conjunction, bring about bad luck. Change the number on that button of the elevator, and then you're all set. Fate averted.


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