Jott Update

I’ve written previously about a service called Jott, which takes speech, converted converts it to text, and optionally sends it in to a variety of places such as, for example, there’s this blog. I’m still a fan of the service as a concept, but I find I use it less than I might because there’s no mechanism for validating the accuracy of the transcription before it gets sent wherever it’s going. This, for example, will post unedited. [DG: I have since edited the post manually.]  This is a feature I think would make the service much more useful if added.

listen Powered by Jott

UPDATE:   Case in point: as you can see from the strike-outs above, the service is fairly accurate, but there are enough errors to make posting a transcription directly to a public venue a questionable proposition.  One other peeve: I don’t believe there’s a way to set the title for a post like this separately—it’s automatically set to the first few words from the body of the post.  Simplicity good; inflexibility bad.

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