David’s 2012 Micro-Review

image While no one can know the future, I think we can safely predict that when the end of the world really does arrive, it will be entirely less preposterous than nearly everything you will see in this movie.  Of course, you would not go and see a film like this because you were yearning for realism. 

I enjoyed 2012 well enough; it has a great cast, and it has all the requisite pieces: the heroic speeches, the sad farewells, the knowing looks between the hero and his wife as he goes off to almost certain doom so that others may live—and of course, incalculable death and destruction, rendered in glorious hi-def with Dolby Digital sound.  It could, however, have used a bit less… almost everything.  Don’t get me wrong—I enjoy watching scores of people being incinerated, drowned, and crushed under falling buildings as much as anybody.  But Emmerich could have easily made this film a third shorter, a third as expensive, and two-thirds better.

It should be a massive hit.

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