You Better Believe it’s Very Dangerous

BreakingNews on Twitter:

French FM [Bernard Kouchner] says Iran’s intention to ignore international demands and construct 10 new uranium enrichment plants is "very dangerous"

Ah, but dangerous for who?  I’m not seeing a lot of evidence that Ahmadinejad is losing sleep over this.  Do the Iranians perceive IAEA censure as a meaningful impediment?  Do we think their Russian allies in the Security Council will go along with action against them that is meaningful?  I suspect they perceive Western leaders as weak, full of warnings and bluster, but unable to do anything that could impede Iranian intentions.  Saddam Hussein made that bet too and lost.  What will happen this time?

Kouchner went on to call the Iranian announcement “infantile.”  A little name calling here, a little censure there… the West has been playing this game with Iran for more than five years now.  Or have we forgotten the “the triumph for European diplomacy” that was the 2004 deal with Iran to freeze all enrichment activity?  That certainly turned out well.

Here, by the way, is a 2007 National Intelligence Estimate on Iran’s nuclear capabilities and intentions, for what it may avail us.  You should read it; I’m sure the Iranians have.  Perhaps posting it to the Internet is misdirection.

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