Europe 2010, Day 12: Nantes

Most of today was dedicated to travel, as we sprinted from Berlin in eastern Germany last night to western France this afternoon.  As we passed through Paris, we rendezvoused with my friend Daniel, who by chance was in England on business, then continued on to scenic Nantes to catch the Jean-Michel Jarre concert that was the original motivation for the whole trip.

026 Stitch

Jarre is an electronic musician who is very popular here in Europe, particularly his native France, though relatively few people in the US have heard of him.  It was Daniel that first introduced me to his music, way back in grade school, and it has been more than 20 years since I’ve seen Jarre live, so it was a great opportunity.  The concert itself was an amazing; Jarre is quite the showman, and with a history of staging large scale laser-light spectacles in outdoor venues, the man knows how to play a gig.

056  052

050  057

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