The First Minute

That's how long I had to watch the May 17, 2010 episode of "Glenn Beck" until he made me angry.  You see, my familiarity with this much loved (and much hated) pundit comes largely from clips I see on "The Daily Show", or "The Colbert Report".  So, I said to myself, "Myself, watch him, start to finish."  And I really thought it might take five or ten minutes for him to incur my wrath.  Nope.  I the first minute he said:

"We have Markist revolutionaries fundamentally transforming and 
attacking the republic of the United States and moving us a global 

I have two problems with this.  1) I think there are probably not that many Marxists in government right now.  There are some Democrats, and maybe even a Green or two.  But no Marxists.  I have to assume Beck is being incindiary for shock value, not that he's dense enough to not know the difference.  And 2), is global community bad?  And if so, why?  He does not return to this theme again in the show.  So, maybe just a strange slip of the tongue.

In the ninteenth minute, he likens the impending collapse of our economy (which, if we don't believe is going to happen, we clearly have no honor… no, I'm not kidding, he said that) to a sinking ship, and underlined it by showing some of the more horrifying special effects from "Titanic".  Now, that's pretty bad.  But it got worse when he went directly from there to a commercial, which had an actor in front of a green screen, showing stormy seas, and we learn he's pitching GOLD as an investment.  Way to cozy up to your few remaining sponsors!

In the twenty-fourth minute he told us about the three things that the progressive movement at the start of the Twentieth Century did to undermine our country.  They systematically devalued our churches and our faith first, then the Constitution, then the founders. 

"We don't talk about the consitution anymore. The founders, we 
don't talk about."

Well, I hear people talking about the Constitution endlessly.  And as for the founders, I wonder if he's hoping people will want to hear more about the founders because he's selling a huge bucket of books about them on his website.  Only $828!

Now, to be honest, he did spend a chunk of the show talking about how terror suspects shouldn't have their rights abridged, Miranda-wize.  But he went on to take Eric Holder to task for being uncomfortable with the phrase "radical Islam", as if there's some sect out there with the name "Radical Islam" on the door.  And is it really a bad idea for our nations top attorney to be measured with his language?  Even when I agree with Beck, I disagree with him.

Well, there's one hour down.  I wonder what today will bring!

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