Lost Finale Questions

Here, in roughly chronological order, are the questions I would like for the finale of Lost to answer.  I fully expect that none of them will be:

Why was the Island still getting Dharma Initiative shipments of food long after the purge?
Why did that psychic feel the need to put Claire on a doomed plane?
What was Walt's power?
Why did Charlie have religious visions that drove him to baptize Aaron?
Why did Kate (and Sawyer) see that horse?
Why didn't the Others purge Kelvin and Radzinsky?  (Alternately, why didn't they help Kelvin, if they knew his button-pushing was important?)
Why did the destruction of the Swan station not kill Desmond, Eko and Locke?
Why do pregnant women die on the Island?  Why now and not before?
Why can Hurley/Miles talk/listen to ghosts?
Why did Widmore hire all those Island-connected people for his freighter team?
Why did Ben think it was necessary to bring Locke's body back to the Island?
Why did Richard (and the rest of the Others) not skip through time along with the Lostaways?
Why did Sun not go back in time with Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid?

Please note that I didn't even bother to mention the questions that this season has raised, but I suspect might actually be answered.  (Why are there two timelines?  Will the MIB finally be killed or contained?)

Oh, Lost, it has been a fun ride.

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