Is Plaxo Running Out of Steam?

image As a long-time Plaxo user, I’m a bit concerned that despite the service’s announced intention to redouble its focus on being a "smart, socially-aware, and pervasive address book," its capabilities in that area seem to be deteriorating, rather than improving.

Of the the top 10 e-mail clients in 2009, according to CampaignMonitor—various versions of Outlook, Outlook Express, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, the iPhone, Apple Mail, GMail, and Lotus Notes—the basic Plaxo service appears now to sync with only Apple Mail. Yahoo! and Hotmail are no longer supported, contact synchronization with GMail was never available, to my knowledge, and synchronization with Outlook is available only as a premium service. Nor does the proliferation of comment spam on the Plaxo blog instill confidence that the site is being actively maintained.

I’ve been a Plaxo fan for years, so it’s rather disappointing, really.

Comcast recently unveiled a social TV service called Tunerfish that was developed by employees of Plaxo, which Comcast acquired in 2008.  That, combined with the stagnation noted above suggests that Plaxo itself may not be Comcast’s highest priority.  Is Plaxo to remain an ongoing concern?  I do hope so.

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