Yahoo Stories Feed

It’s been a while since I’ve cataloged what the stories on the front page of Yahoo! have looked like. I sometimes wonder if they’ll ever shift out of the well-worn ruts they’ve gouged into the soil of internet news. So, what’s up today?

  • 18 stories about politics: who said something untoward, the legislative process and, of course, the 2016 presidential election, which is only a short 502 days away!
  • 11 stories about sports
  • 10 stories about celebrities: what they’re wearing, who they’re kissing, where they live, etc
  • 6 stories about travel
  • 5 stories about crime
  • 4 stories about general business stuff
  • 4 stories about TV shows
  • 4 stories about health and fitness (Dang, that’s low for Yahoo!)
  • 2 stories each about the following topics: heartwarming tales, movies, music, stuff that’s just weird, and sharks. (Yes. Two stories about sharks.)
  • And 1 story each about the following: fashion, gaming, gifts, money (actual currency), the news business, restaurants and North Korea

Despite the continuing preoccupation with celebrity and sports, this is actually a somewhat better distribution.

I’ll even let them have their shark stories.

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