Lessons From Dow 36,000

The book that is, not the actual value of the index, what with the latter not having happened yet.  Market strategist Barry Ritholtz:

…Let us congratulate James K. Glassman and Kevin Hassett, the authors of the incredibly money losing advice in their book Dow 36,000, on their 10 year anniversary.  …[L]et’s see what lessons we can learn from their errors. Here is what I can deduce as valuable lessons from the foolishness in their book

Ouch.  Ritholtz' list is here.  Of course, the real lesson may be, “beware of people telling you what lessons you should have learned from the past market.”  Nobody’s got a crystal ball, other people have agendas and priorities that may or may not be yours, and your mileage will almost certainly vary.

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